Zaur Fahradov, Prelude(1996) 
I anticipate the music of verse,
I discover the music of love...
for you...
Let your words dissolve here,
Let my dreams come true...
 It's raining
The weather is the best today...
It's raining... Beautiful rain...
All black thoughts go and fly away,
They wash off by the rain...
I go to bed, I want to sleep,
I want to see my dream...
My sweet sleep-dream...
where you'll be,
The night-rain,please, give me.

I dream of you,
I dream of love,
My life is full of dreams.
I play again,
I write again,
Please, tell what does it mean?
The life is dream,
The dream is love,
The love is you for me...
And can you answer,
        if I'll ask ...
But flowers on the tree...
 I wait you
I wonder whether you could tell me
That you can meet me very soon,
That you can wait this lucky moment
In morning, night and afternoon...
I wonder whether you could tell me
That you can find your happiness in my eyes...
And in my words, what I am writing now...
Your flowers were so marvellous and nice.
I wait you...I believe... I love...
Is it enough?...

Arif Melikov, Fleetings(1957) 
The moment of luck,
     the moment of grief,
The moment of dreams,
     the glory and the joy.
All flew by in a moment
But soon you appear...
What does it mean,
     my dear boy?
 Dimmi sei fortunato
Dimmi sei fortunato
quando di tanto in tanto
ti sei ricordato
i miei occhi piacevoli,
i miei paroli incantevoli.
Dimmi sei fortunato
quando ascolti il mio nome,
quando ascolti il mio voce,
quando ascolti il mio amore.
Vorrei giungere
nella tua paese
nello piu bello stagione
e nel piu bello mese,
Dove soltanto te e tuo arte,
pieno della musica
e dell' amore grande.

Der den Kummer in Leben erlebt,
Versteht Schmerzen die hier gehort sind.
Der den Kummer in diesem Leben erkennt,
Der die Seele entdeckt...
Mein Gott, welch ein Wunder das ist
Als der Gluck kommt ausnichts,
Als die Superzaubermusic
Verwirrt mich
und macht mich betrunken
in einem Augenblick.

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