Music in Verse
    It was very difficult to come across the idea which could combine different 20th Century composers in one concert programme.
    This idea suddenly appeared from the composition "Elis" by the Swiss composer Heinz Holliger, who wrote this music under the influence of Georg Trakle's poetry - the idea of Music in Verse.
    By no means have I wished to impose my understanding on the listeners, I'd rather wanted to invite them to consider this interpretation.
    Perhaps, for some of you this interpretation might appear absurd, however for the others it might be acceptable and even up-close.
    Listen, accept or reject, but try to immerse yourself in this music, because the music of today is not as simple as it might seem with a first glance.

"Music in Verse"
1 08m 33s Prelude (1996) Zaur Fahradov
2 07m 54s Neumes rythmiques (1949) Olivier Messiaen
3 10m 20s Processional (1983) George Crumb
4 03m 13s Registers (1963) Louis Andriessen
5 04m 31s Fleetings (1957) Arif Melikov
6,7 03m 06s Wasserklavier Erderklavier (1960) Luciano Berio
8 01m 07s The Leaf (1990) Luciano Berio
9-15 16m 32s Black and White (1984) Khayam Mirza-zade
16 01m 08s On the Train (1992) Theo Loevendie
17-19 06m 52s Elis (1961) Heinz Holliger
20 08m 46s Fantasia - Alla Meykhana (1996) Rahila Hassanova
Kara Karayev...Through Time
    This disc was recorded, in the year dedicated by UNESCO, with the music written by the Azerbaijan classicist of the 20th century Kara Karayev (1918-1982). The works of Karayev have gone through time and the influence of the classicists of the 20th century such as Stravinsky, Prokofiev and Shostakovich was reflected as a belover teacher, who directly "shaped my art ideals".[KK.]
"Kara Karayev...Through Time"
1 06m 44s Prelude and Fugue in Eb minor Dmitry Shostakovich
2,3,4 06m 04s Sonatina Kara Karayev
5 1m 29s Miracle Niyazi
6,7,8,9 09m 43s Tales of an Old Lady Sergey Prokofiev
10,11 03m 56s Two Fugues (Nos.2&11) Kara Karayev
12 10m 07s Without... Khayam Mirza-zade
13,14,15 17m 20s Three excerpts from "Petrushka" Igor Stravinsky
16,17 07m 54s Sonata No.2 Faradzh Karayev
18 04m 08s Prelude&Fugue in Eb major/minor Kara Karayev

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